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Do or do not; there is no try
– Yoda

We Have Done The Work So You Don’t Have to 

Welcome to Neesh Resources. Our knowledge library and your go-to guide to Digital Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Planning & Writing, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Online Advertising Free Resources.

Neesh started off as a leading digital media agency in Dubai offering 360 digital media marketing and social media marketing services. Now Neesh is wholly focused on creating community ecosystems for brands and industries. To do this effectively we use all of the knowledge that we had to have to run the agency. (We estimate that our team reads over 1000 articles or blogs reads more than 50 books a year, not to mention the videos and conferences we attend) 

Digital marketing and community building is ever changing and to keep up with what the trends are we have to read, ALOT. Rather than letting all that great education from some brilliant minds and companies go to waste, we are listing them here, as a brevetted trusted resource to educate and empower you with up to date knowledge. 

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